Childrens Vision

A child’s visual acuity gradually develops over the first 6 – 12 months of age. As the child grows theirs vision develops through interaction with their environment. It is very important to have your child’s vision checked thoroughly by an optometrist at an early age, before ocular problems become more difficult to rehabilitate. Visual problems that can be seen in children include: Refractive errors: hyperopia (long-sightedness), myopia (short-sightedness), astigmatism Poor eye coordination, Strabismus (turned eye), Amblyopia (lazy eye),poor focusing skills.

Symptoms that your child may complain of that should be assessed fully by an optometrist with an interest in children’s vision include:

  • Blurred vision on the board or book
  • Blurred vision when looking from desk to board, or vice versa
  • Squinting
  • Sore/achy eyes
  • Headaches
  • Double vision
  • Rubbing eyes
  • Avoidance of reading
  • Short attention span
  • Holding books very close
  • Unusual head posture or covering one eye
  • Slow copying from the board
  • Skipping lines or losing place when reading
  • Problems with reading comprehension