Dry Eye

Dry Eye is a very common problem, particularly among older people and females.  More correctly described as ear film dysfunction, some people do not produce enough tears to keep the eye wet and comfortable and others have poor quality tear film which leads to the same result.  Stinging, burning, scratchiness, foreign body sensation, photo sensitivity, stringy mucus, and excess irritation from smoke or dust  are common symptoms.  It can also be associated with unstable vision between blinks.

Sometimes, a wet eye is actually a dry eye.  Increased tearing may be a symptom of dry eyes.  If your tear secretion is below the normal quality or quantity, excess tears are produced by the lacrimal gland.  This occurs in response to the irritation caused by the surface of the eye lacking the moisturising effect that your tears provide.  Even though the eyes are basically dry, you can appear as if you are crying, particularly in dry air or windy environments.

If you have tear film dysfunction some of the following options may be discussed to try to manage the condition as well as possible:

  • Artificial Tears – We use and Recommend Thera Tears and Thera Tears Gel
  • Protection from the Elements – Glasses and sunglasses
  • Punctual Plugs – to hold the tears in your eyes more Effectively
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Warm compresses and Lid hygiene