RJK Optometry offers a full range of contact lens services and supplies

Our services and supplies includes the following:
  • disposable contact lenses including high oxygen lenses
  • single use daily disposable contact lenses
  • cosmetic/ tinted contact lenses
  • ‘bifocal’ contact lens options for people needing reading glasses
  • contact lenses for overnight wear
  • rigid gas permeable and specialty contact lenses

Contact lenses are an excellent option for either full-time or part-time wear.  They’re also great for sports and hobbies.

When it comes to contacts lenses, the options are always growing.  If you have had problems with contact lenses in the past, or have been told contact lenses aren’t for you, there could be hope for you yet.

We specialise in the more complex fitting related to:
  • dry eyes
  • ocular allergy
  • keratoconus and other corneal disorders
  • corneal graft recipients
  • previously unsuccessful contact lens wearers.

We also have a range of options to suit over 40s who need contact lenses.

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