Protecting your child’s vision

Children rarely complain to adults about difficulties with their vision, so routine checks are important. Ideally, the first check should be before kindergarten. After that, they can be reviewed as regularly as their needs require. For some children this may be 6 monthly and for others, up to 3 years.

Patrick and Naomi are trained in behavioural optometry and have successfully used their behavioural optometry knowledge to better the lives of their patients, both children and adults.

Behavioural optometry is a philosophy of eyecare that assesses not only eye health and clarity of sight, but efficiency of vision and potential visual performance. It involves a knowledge of the way the rest of the body is functioning, looking beyond the eyes to best address vision care.

It can prevent the development of some vision problems, provide treatment for certain conditions and can strengthen visual skills needed in the classroom or workplace.

We use behavioural optometry to address:

  • Children’s vision
  • Reading and learning, including the use of tinted lenses for reading difficulties
  • Workplace and computer comfort
  • Certain diseases, conditions and injuries

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