Coffs Harbour Optometrists with an
old fashioned view of Optometric Practice

At RJK Optometry, we have an old fashioned view of how optometry should be. An examination in our practice is not just about checking your eyesight. We see patients of all ages, from babies to centenarians. We pride ourselves on our ability to fully assess any eye condition that crosses our path and take the time to offer comprehensive advice.

Naomi, Michael and Pat are all  Ophthalmic Medicines Prescribers. This is a reflection of further post graduate study and allow them to prescribe prescription only products for the eyes and to treat some eye conditions such as eye infections and abrasions.

It is about testing your vision and remembering that vision is an essential sense which we use in almost every aspect of everyday life.

As such, we want to ensure that your eyes are as well equipped as possible to deal with the pressures that each of us face all the time.

For some of us it will be many hours of computer use, while for others it may be driving. For those of school age it will be hours a day of looking back and forth from page to a board.

Every eye examination includes a comprehensive ocular health assessments –this involves a retinal examination which checks the health of your macula and optic nerve. We screen for common eye problems like cataracts, macular degeneration and glaucoma amongst many others. Some of these conditions may require further evaluation which we will discuss with you as required.