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  • State-of-the-art technology for optimal eyecare & early detection

  • Premium optometry services for every member of your family

  • Large selection of frames to suit your vision and eyecare needs


RJK Optometry is the longest established Independent Optometry Practice in Coffs Harbour. Our mission is to be the premier provider of eyecare and eyewear on the Coffs Coast.

We pride ourselves on giving every one of our patients an eye examination of the highest quality. Listening to your needs and providing full service, back up and warranties on everything we produce.

Scientists estimate a maximum of three billion impulses per second flow into the nervous system of the human. Of these, two billion are said to come from the eyes – a billion from each eye per second! When you consider statistics like that, your eyes need the best care they can get. That is what we do.


Become a New Patient

At RJK Optometry, we welcome all new patients. Each new patient will have a comprehensive eye test so we can truly assess your eyes.
Please see our new patients page for what to bring and more information.

New Patients

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We pride ourselves on providing quality eyecare for the whole family. Our Optometrists use the latest technology and have years of experience, providing the most comprehensive eye exams available.


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RJK Optometry
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